Ava Steaffens and Jessica Prechtl

Growing up in Miami as Cuban and French Canadian first-generation immigrant and life on Balboa Penninsula.

Grandma Roberts

An interview with my grandma, Frances Roberts (97), reflecting on her life

Occupational therapist- an agent of change

In this interview Pranjali Savla describes how she has been acting as an agent of change in her practice.

My sister

How much I love my sister and how she helped me in my childhood to be a positive person in difficult times.

Interview with Rinat Kisin, program officer at Ruderman family foundation

The interview discussed the experience of Rinat Kisin at her job, where she can dream big and implement her ideas of working with All people in the community locally,nationally and internationally to promote equal rights.

immigration experience

Today Karla Miranda talked about how she came into the US and how her experience was. She will talk about the process if it was easy or hard. As well as who she left behind, and how she feels about...

Life after Indian independence

My father’s journey from the time of the partitioning of India, and the one silver lining of the dividing of his homeland: meeting my mother

Mom (childhood)

My mom talked about her childhood and moments in life.