Nicole Langlaise and Le Anne Alexander

Cousins Le Anne Alexander (38) and Nicole Langlaise [no age given] remember the love, wisdom, and character of their grandmothers. They talk about the impact of their grandmothers on their lives and reflect on how they have navigated grief since...

Ta'Mare Banks and Katie Althoff-Moore

Coworkers Ta'Mare Banks (30) and Katie Althoff-Moore (44) talk about their work fighting racial disparities in maternal healthcare. They highlight their new doula program and making Black women feel heard as two important approaches.

Angelo Vidal and Jamitra Fulleord

Angelo Vidal (23) interviews his colleague Jamitra Fulleord (27) about her work with incarcerated women. Jamitra shares the unique challenges that women in the Missouri prison system face and specific ways they can be supported.

Opal Jones and Julie Lock

Colleagues Opal Jones (47) and Julie Lock (68) talk about their experience as female leaders, their dedication to serving their community, and the importance of treating others with kindness.

Miranda Duschack and Mimo Davis

Flower farming partners Miranda Duschack (43) and Mimo Davis (65) talk about their work as urban flower farmers in St. Louis and the many iterations of their relationship, from business partners to co-parents, that their flowers have guided them through.

Katrina Thomas, Arthurine Harris, and Francine Strain-Jones

Katrina Thomas (33), Arthurine Harris (37), and Francine Strain-Jones (58) sit down to remember their beloved son, nephew, and grandson respectively. The trio shares fond memories of LaFrance and think about what lasting impact he will have on his family...

Courtney McSpadden and Zackery Keys

Courtney McSpadden [no age given] talks with Zackary Keys [no age given] about Courtney Creative Chess Club and the programs he runs to encourage learning, self-expression, and access in his community.

Alexis Creamer, Chelsey Carter, and Brett Maricque

Friends Alexis Creamer (27), Chelsey Carter (33), and Brett Maricque (35) talk about their work on the Black Genome Project. They reflect on the importance of grounding science in community, creating avenues for Black folks to heal, and more deeply...

Kimberly Wilkerson and Karyn Mauch

One Small Step partners Kimberly "Kim" Wilkerson (46) and Karyn Mauch (32) discuss leaving a fundamentalist religion, health care advocacy, and their mutual interest in genealogy.