The 2000s with Justin Lee

This is an interview of my friend Justin Lee about his experiences in the 2000s.

2000's Interview- Jack Moylan

In this interview, various political topics throughout the 2000’s were discussed including 9/11, The Election of 2000, the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and more. Jack Moylan expresses his opinions and thoughts on these topics based on his experiences in the...

2000's Interview- Brenda

This interview entails memories and experiences of the 2000’s according to Brenda. In this interview, 9/11, the Great Recession, fads/trends, and other various topics about the 2000’s are discussed.

Anna Coleman

During this, we discussed various topics about the 2000s. We discussed, 9/11, various trends and fads, and other childhood memories.

2000s interview- Becky Richards

I interviewed Becky Richards about the 2000s decade. Some of the topics included 9/11, the Great Recession, Hurricane Katrina, and more.

9/11 interview with Lena, who lived in Manhattan at the time this crisis happened

Lena, talks about her personal experience with 9/11 and shares facts that other may not know.

"A series of close calls"

A few days before 9/11 Sandra Barnard stayed at the same hotel as the men who flew the planes into the twin towers.

Jonathon asks his Grandpa about military life

Jonathon Clanton (14) interviews his grandpa, Richard Woodworth (72), on December 6, 2018 in his dining room. The main focus is his grandpa’s life in the military and his childhood. The conversation is enlightening for Jonathon, who had little knowledge...

9/11 interview-Gardiner

Today I talked to Mr. Johnston about 9/11 and his experience with it