Dad’s time at Kunsan Air Base

Korea Defense Veteran describes his time in the Wolf Pack along with other stories from this deployment.

"The Air Force was like any other job."

Bernie Tackett is an Air Force Nurse veteran in 1968, she decided to go into the Air Force because her parents could not afford for college. She grew up on a dairy farm in Malmo, Minnesota. Also, she volunteered to...

Colonel David

Colonel David commissioned in the air force as an officer during the Vietnam war, and from there he began his journey of serving our nation.

Tom Battista and Mari Moerschen

Air Force experience and Flew in Vietnam and Desert Storm

December 17, 2018 App Interview
Talking about growing up on airforce bases.

My dad talks about his experiences living near airforce bases in the cold war.

Coming from Mexico

I talked with my grandpa about what it was like coming to the United States from Mexico and his experiences.