Bobby Cain Rocket Hall Interview

Bobby Cain reflects on his early life in Watkinsville, Georgia and life lessons that he has learned.

What the old man had to say.

I Tyler Gleason talked with my Grandfather Jim Gleason on how his life was and a lot about who he was. We got to talk about sad topics such as his grandfather and also happy topics like him going to...

Childhood memories 2

Carefree times of adolescent boy and his friends. How different his outlook today is compared to yesterday.

Janet Rudolph and Lauren Rahier talk about life in a small town and living in a farm

In this interview, conducted in November 2017, Lauren Rahier(13) and Janet Rudolph (63) talk about growing up in a tight knit community. Janet describes what it was like living in a small community in Minnesota (Redwood Falls). She talks about...