Interview with Gabriel Calero

Interview with Gabriel about his personal life throughout his childhood and adulthood

McKenna Rowland & Paula Dehart

My aunt and I talked about our past and memories with each other.

Interview with Linda Jacobs

An interview with my grandmother, Linda Faye Marlin Jacobs, about her life, career, marriage, and family.

Interview with the husband, Bryan.
February 25, 2018 App Interview

Interview with my husband about his life, birth to present.

What my faith means to me?

In this interview conducted in December 2017 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Charlize Deveza (16) interviews her mom Cynthia Deveza (48) about her religion and faith. Cynthia shares how her faith has helped her throughout her entire life. She...

Jillian Interviewing her Grandfather

In this interview I asked my grandfather important questions about his life, and how he experienced it. Through this I have learned to savor each and every aspect of life and I learned how my grandfather saw life and how...

1986 World Series: Feeling Closest to God

David spoke about lessons he has learned throughout his life and little memories he has collected along the way using the sarcastic and witty tone that his daughter has grown accustomed to and fond of over the years.