Clare Haygood tells her daughter, Rosie, stories of growing up with her tight-knit Texan family.

Rosie Haygood (13) interviews her mom (50) about teenage years, proposals, and family in Santa Monica, California. Clare reminisces about old memeries of her parents and siblings, and discusses how moving around, being in a writer, and living in New...


This was a very eye opening experience because I feel like I haven’t talked to my dad like that in a while. It was a really good thing to get done because it taught me a lot.

Moms Life

From memories to future amber webb explains her feelings to William Webb (13). This interview speaks for amber webs feelings for the future and past as well as memories for her son William. She also talks about things that are...

My father’s story

This is about how my father feels about being a paent. It is also about his childhood