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Life is not always wonderful.

My father and I talked about his teenage life, what hardships he went through as well as his regrets and expectations for me.

Talking with Jeanie Ng on her past experiences, and the differences in that time from the present.

In this interview, Ethan Do, 15, interviews his friend’s grandmother, Jeanie Ng, 79, talks about her life. She goes over the earliest memories she has, before she even has a sense of individuality. These old memories of the Japanese bombings,...

Interview with Mom

My Mom and I talked about early childhood, her career path, and the similar emotional connections we create through our interactions with others.

Grandma Sonia

I talk to my grandmother about her life growing up in New York, getting married and moving to Florida, raising 4 kids and working a full time job.

Rea’zen Chatman interviews her mother (Ebony Freeman) and her cousin (Kimberly Freeman) about their childhoods.

In this interview, created on January 8, 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri, Rea’zen Chatman (16) interviews her mother, Ebony Freeman (38) and her cousin, Kimberly Freeman (38) about their childhood, grandparents, and challenges. They both talk about their grandmother and...

Anahi Ayala and her mother, Martha Ayala talk about her mother’s life growing up in the south side of Chicago in 35th/Archer

In this interview, conducted in November 29, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, Anahi Ayala (16) interviews her mother, Martha Ayala (50) about her childhood growing up in a strict home. Mrs. Ayala shares her stories about her life growing up with...

My Grandpa’s Life Story

My grandpa talks about his life growing up in the city of Paramount. He also describes his time spent in the service and advice for his great grandchildren.