Interview with Henry

My dad talked about his childhood and how he wanted to be an astronaut. We also touched upon what traits he feels he’s passed onto me.

Things about life-Jenny Braddy

My dad and I talked about how his life is. We also talked about who is important to him.

Nike and Alyson Felix pregnancy contract

Allyson Felix and her pregnancy contract with Nike. Is it fair?

Growing up with Kids

My mom talked about how she had three kids in her early twenties. She mentions her personal struggles and some advice for other parents.

Steven James Antonellis

Interview with Dad about his childhood, spirituality, love for his family and hopes and dreams

The birth of my daughter

I talked about the birth of my first daughter Kandace Cherese Brown.

Kaylee Harp interview

We talked about my moms life as a child, what she thinks of me, and what I have to look forward to.