The greatest role model

In this interview we explore my families history with my mother who grew up in Santa Ana in the seventies. She shares details into our family’s past some of the jobs that they did and how she a mexican woman...

Ryland and Tyson

I asked my younger brother about some of his memories and what he is grateful for.

Diane Guess Davis

I chose to interview my Grandmother. She tells me about her childhood, marriage, and more! She uses a lot of expression during our interview. Our interview isn’t boring. We enjoyed doing this project

Cancer survivor story

Steven anton (right) and Claude Mitchell (left) discuss the effects of his Acute lymphocytic leukemia and how he is able to look past that and live life to his fullest

Kevin Cawthon and his experience growing up in trailer parks with four older brothers.

After Kevin Cawthon’s parents save up $200 to buy a nice trailer, he moves around Arkansas and Oklahoma with his four older brothers embarking on a dangerous and violent journey through the various poverty stricken communities he called home. In...

Jane Daniel interviews her grandmother, Jane Daniel, about her childhood.

In this interview, Jane Daniel interviewes her grandmother, also named Jane Daniel. It took place on November 29, 2017 in Greenville, South Carolina and McDonagh, Georgia. Mrs. Daniel shares stories about her child hood and what she was like growing...

The adventures of my dad – Nileshkumar Patel

We talked about my dads life in India. He described various things in India like how his brother viewed him as or why he chose the career he chose. He also showed me the hardhips/challenges of his transition to America....