The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018

My dad and I speak about his life growing up and how he got to this point in his life. He shares important life lessons and special anecdotes of his life.


The summary of this interview : In this interview my grandmother talks about her childhood in Minnesota and how things were so different from then and now.

Parent Interview

Talked about childhood and growing up. Along with this, talked about family traditions.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I asked my Grandma about her past life and what she was like as a child.

Interview With My Grandma

We talked about my grandma’s childhood, and her life growing up. We talked about our family’s background and some of her favorite memories/ proudest moments.

Grandma Rak

We talked about some of the important things in my grandma’s life and how she felt during those times

Jeffery Kennedy on his life

I chose to do this interview with my dad, Jeffery Kennedy, because he’s one of the most influential people in my life. He’s not one that usually opens up about his life so these questions will teach me a lot...

Rene Myers Interview
November 5, 2017 App Interview

Sophia Myers-Kelley asks her mom Rene Myers questions about her childhood, memories, and wishes for the future.