Terry Brimhall and How Brim’s Chips was started

Terry Brimhall grew up do different jobs, and these jobs then led to him starting his own company. He also valued education and through his college career was able to back his company.

Alejandro moves to Milwaukee

My father and I talked about his lifestyle from him moving to the United States from Mexico.

Progress and Paradox: The Vietnam War

In this interview, conducted in February 2019 in Memphis, Tennessee, Kyler Hamilton interviews his god-father, Philip Morris, about the Vietnam War. This interview captures Morris’ history with his family, friends, and service.

Papas interview

In this interview we talked on the topic of migrating into the US

Grandmother and Grandaughter

A grandmother and granddaughter regain connection and share honesty and love!

Family Story

I interviewed my mom about our family and her childhood.

Dad’s History

Family history and what life was like for my dad growing up.