Grandma Roberts

An interview with my grandma, Frances Roberts (97), reflecting on her life

Grandma’s Life

I just wanted to talk to my Grandma, Irene, about her life.

Interviewing Kevin

Kevin shares about growing up with and losing his grandmother.

HUM Interview

This is an interview with my grandmother for a clas .

Interview with my Grandma

(*EDIT* when Cherris says the “recession”, she means the “depression”) In this interview, I talk to my grandma and ask her about a few things. Some thing are related to history, others are more personal, and some are funny.

The life of my very pinoy grandmother who worked as a butcher and a child caretaker.

My Grandma Zeny may only be four foot eight but that woman has done some crazy and incredible things in her 72 years of life. She quit school in the sixth grade to support her family by working in a...