Family Heritage

Mary Catherine and Edward Hustoles sharing memories of their childhoods.

Great Depression with Donald DeCessna

My grandfather and I discussed the cause and effects the of the Stock market crash in 1929.

Growing up in the Depression Era

Kenny Shold grew up in Port Townsend, Washington and talks about his life growing up, trapping then moving to Seattle to attend school at University of Washington just to be shipped off to war in 1941.

Julia Smith – Great Depression and WWII

Julia smith describes growing up as a kid in the Great Depression and her experiences in World War 2

Living History Project-Anna Musich

Tema Bolnick talked about and shared her personal stories from the Great Depression.

Warren McCulloch Interview Chris Adams (UNT History 2685) March 17, 2019.

An interview with my grandpa about his experience growing up in the Great Depression and his Marine service during World War II.