My Grandma and Her Life

My grandma and I talk about her heritage and family life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen interview with Mrs. Maria A. Matthews

Mrs. Matthews told me about her family’s cultural heritage including interesting stories about her ancestors. She also gave her perspective on immigration.

Apush extra credit assignment

We talked about the history of our family and some of the fond memories my dad has from his childhood. We also talked about the impact certain people in his life had on his life / success now.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

An interview with my mother about her personal life which has greatly impacted mine.

All about my Nonna

About my amazing grandmother, her life, and everything she has done for the people she loves

I interviewed Emy, my grandmother in 2016. We chat about life, love, early days growing up in Kansas, and everything in between.

In 2016 I began interviewing my grandmother, who is now 89, to try and capture some of her stories before it’s too late. I initially set out to do a podcast, but life got busy so I’ve resorted to putting...

Tea with Gigi

A interview with my grandma about family heritage.

American Studies

My mom and I talked about my family, where they came from, what they were like, and how they all met.