My coming out of closet

In this interview I resume how my coming out of closet experience was

Leah Marsh on the Difficulties of Not Fitting Societal Norms through High School/College.

I interview Leah Marsh who is a 20 year old girl who shared with me the story of going through high school without the opportunity of fully experiencing her sexuality and who she was as a person. She talked about...

Wade Arvizu and Elizabeth Scaife break down the anti-trafficking movement’s past, present, and future.

Wade Arvizu (aka K.D. Roche) and Elizabeth Scaife candidly discuss the evolution of the anti-human trafficking movement and the importance of survivor leadership within every aspect. They reflect on the humble beginnings of their friendship and their hopes for future...

Cindy Miles and Roger Moon

One Small Step conversation partners Roger Moon [no age given] and Cindy Miles (58) discuss growth, perspective and self-acceptance.

Evan Long and Jose Salgado

Evan Long (35) shares a conversation with his friend, Jose Salgado (56), about education in the United States and Honduras. They also discuss the role of prayer, spirituality, and hope.

Margaret Woody and Claudia Marshel

One Small Step conversation partners Margaret Woody (62) and Claudia Marshel (59) discuss their upbringings and how politics have influenced their lives.

Mason Dunn and Grace Sterling Stowell

Mason Dunn (35) interviews his friend and mentor, Grace Sterling Stowell (63), about the way that language helps in developing personal identity and the shifts that language has taken in the last 4 decades in the wider LGBTQ+ movement.