Valerie Cordes & Michele Manning-Herman

Valerie and Michele have developed a profound bond through their involvement with Providence's Women's Caregiver Resource Group (WCRG), and they want to emphasize the significance of this work and the impact it has had on them. They cannot stress enough...

Lesbian Visibility Week: Pat Medina

Michelle Axelson (46) and Pat Medina (68) discuss lesbian visibility and coming out in New York as well as life in Provincetown, MA

Anna and Asher

Asher Pearce, 17, and Anna Prillaman, 42. Asher is a student at Trinity Episcopal School in Richmond VA and Anna is the Athletic Director there. We discussed a wide array of topics…starting off pretty surfacey…but really honed in on some...

[No Name Given] [No Name Given] and Kelsey Terra

One Small Step partners [No Name Given] [No Name Given] (18) and Kelsey Terra (32) have a conversation about their struggles with learning disabilities, their goals, and hobbies.