Hopes and Memories

Rex Rivers (Baehr) and William Trego Vance, Junior (Curadh) talk about their hopes and memories.

Em Gathers Interviews Her Sibling, Iggy Gathers, About Growing Up as a LGBTQ Foster Youth

For the Great Thanksgiving Listen in November 2021, Em Gathers (17) interviews her sibling, Iggy Gathers (21), at her dorm in New Jersey. They talk about their childhood and high school memories. They share their struggles and experiences as lgbtq...

Teresa Wells and Brendan Gerdts

Teresa Wells (65) and her mentee, Brendan Gerdts (21), share a conversation about their friendship, their personal growth, their political views, and their hopes for the future.

Alexandra Amsden and Bethany Conner

One Small Step conversation partners and fellow University of Vermont students Alexandra "Alex" Amsden (19) and Bethany Connor (23) discuss the justice system, immigration, minimum wage and religion. They also discuss both loving music, and Taylor Swift!

Fellow Brazilian and naturalized US citizen Jessica Da Silva interviews George Woyames

In honor of Latino/a and Hispanic Heritage Month, San Francisco Village Wellness coordinator Jessica Da Silva (34) interviews SFV member George Woyames (77) about what he would want other generations to know about being Latino in his generation.

Amena Johnson & Jamila Taylor

Amena Johnson talks to her friend of several years Jamila Taylor. They discuss their friendship and what it's like to have black women as friends.

Steve Aufrecht and Jerrad Anderson
September 29, 2021 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Steve Aufrecht (76) and Jerrad Anderson (40) talk about their backgrounds, political beliefs, and the current political climate.

Vanessa Lemus and Nico Orisini

Vanessa Lemus (23) and her One Small Step partner and roommate Nico Orisini (24) discuss the misconceptions and motivations of their political beliefs.

Erik Gray and Robin Miller

Erik Gray (30) and friend and colleague Robin Miller (49) have a conversation about how they met, their work within the anti-trafficking community, the sense of value in their chosen field and gaps in service provided to those violated in...