Lessons learned from life's well lived

My mother, April Dean, accounts the lasting impacts of her mother, Marjorie, and her passing and life itself. This is the second take because the first did not record.

Sociology: Theme of Death

Begins off with speaking about the death of Kobe Bryant. Then we speak about what we can learn from death, how we perceive it and what does remembrance means today.

Sociology 1/26

This interview is about both life and death. We talk about mostly the good things in life and how Julian has dealt with different things in his life, including coming to this country at such a young age.


In my interview we talked about life, death and what the future holds.

Sofia’s Thoughts

I interview my friend Sofia about her life and what she wants her future to hold.

SOC110 interview

Listen to hear lauren’s views on death and living her life to the fullest.

Family History-Massaro

Interview between my father, Bob, and I, Sophia. Various questions answered about his family history, his childhood along with mine, and life.

My Favorite Person Who Shares The Same Wall As Me: An Interview

We discussed the progression of life, the good and bad, and what is important to Justin.

Extra Credit Interview

A 15 question summary, about my mom’s life and her best and worst experiences.