Hispanic in a small German town

Interview to understand the relationship between Hispanic culture and faith.

MLC as a Carribean Islander/City Dweller Hybrid

We discussed Braxton’s childhood, cultural identity, schooling, and process of deciding what he would do with his life.

Aidan Gregorius Interview

We talked about what South Korea was like, and we also talked about what life was like as a Korean-American.

Alli’s Interview MLCIntro2019SPRING

This is an interview of Sophie Leng who is from China and is now training to be a teacher in Minnesota. She talks about the blessings and challenges of learning new cultures.

Transitioning from Florida to Minnesota

Diana and I talked about the Venezuelan influence and traditions in her life. Another major emphasis was on how different life and attitudes are between Florida and the Midwest.

Ari Interview

Ari gives a glimpse into her childhood, growing up in Milwaukee and then coming to MLC in New Ulm.

Interview with Buok Chuol

Buok talked about his family’s story and how they moved to America and some of the differences between Sedanese culture and American culture.

Growing up in Soviet Russia

My mom told me about her school life amd childhood in general in Soviet Russia.