Listening & NonVerbal Comm (4/30)

We discussed experiences throughout my mom’s life that shaped who she is as a person today.

Faith: I didn’t want her, but I needed her.

At the age of 20, I was pregnant and determined to have an abortion, but my dad encouraged me to keep Faith. Ever since that choice, my life has been filled with a good love from the most authentic person...

My Mother

A few words from my mother dwelling on the past, appreciating the present, and looking forward to the future.

How “can’t” can make or break your journey

I asked my mother questions about her life from being a single mother to life lessons that she’s learned through the hardships she’s encountered.

Story unfolding

Daughter talking to her mother about life before and after kids.

Interview with my Mother

In which I interview my mother and i laugh more than I talk. I ask her questions about how she grew up because she loves keeping that part of her a secret.