Electronic dance music and DJ

Soichiro Arai is DJ, and he loves EDM so much. And today, he told me about EDM and his story with music.

Don Mccoy- a life of laughter and kindness

Don’s life began in rural Louisiana. Before he was 25 years old, he had traveled the US and settled in New York City where he finally reaized what it felt like to be completely free to be himself. He has...

Belen’s story

Getting to know more about what my sister experiences throughout her life.

Music through the ages

Music has become a huge part of families, friendships, and memories. However, music has greatly changed through out time. Talking to people older or younger can really help educate yourself on music through the ages.

2000's Interview- Brenda

This interview entails memories and experiences of the 2000’s according to Brenda. In this interview, 9/11, the Great Recession, fads/trends, and other various topics about the 2000’s are discussed.

A Walk Through the Life of Randy Macht

This interview with Randy Macht, conducted by his daughter, takes a walk through his life and experiences. He details his childhood and family life, as well as talking about his gymnastics career and schooling. Mr. Macht tells stories of his...