My Grandma

An interview of important aspects of Ruth Boller’s life.

Mikaela Finley interviews her grandpa Richard Fisher on his life!

Mikaela Finley: 2020-11-26 00:59:09 My grandpa and I talked about all of his life, from years ago when he was young to working in the military and all the way up to 2020.

Hailey Tyacke interviews her Grandfather Tom McGuire

My grandpa and I talked about how he grew up and special moments in his life. We talked about family careers, memories, and stories. I asked him a total of 13 questions and each answer took about minute. I’m glad...

Old Age Interview: Grandma

Experiences that shaped my grandma's life and ways that she shaped her own life.

Wisdom from my Parents

I interviewed my parents about their lives and how they want to be remembered.

Mom 1

Discussed her parents, how she met Dad, and her favorite life lesson.

Interview with my Dad

I interviewed my dad and it was pretty funny.

Self Image and Living through a Pandemic

I interviewed my roommate Mallory Lloyd about her life growing up in Vermont, and her understanding of being adopted. We then touched upon her life now and growing up the things she was able to experience all the way up...