My Filipino Parents

I interview my dad, and somewhat my mom before she falls asleep, about their experience traveling from the Philippines to Italy then to our new home, America.

Tri-Generation Interview

My nephew and I interviewed my mom about life in the Philippines, her happiest moments, and meeting her future husband (my dad).

Gina Gerhard’s experience

This interview focuses on Gina Gerhard’s experience living in the Philippines and immigrating to the United States.

Conversation with Lola Nena

A conversation with my Lola about life during WWII and her life in the Philippines

Immigration interview

This interview is about my grandpas experience immigrating over

Brenadette Cogadoc

My cousin from the Philippines talks about her childhood.

The Church and My Filipino Mom

We talked about my mom’s experiences with the Catholic Church from when she was a little girl in the Philippines to now as a grandmother in the United States.