I asked Aron if he was proud of me and he sang a little song so I got him back on track and he said he was proud

A moment with mom

Talked about what it’s like to be a parent and how my mom met my dad and how much she appreciates me


This is an interview with my mom discussing the given interview questions.

Interviewing Someone of Importance

Today I have decided to interview my sister. We discussed the things she was proud of me for.

December 10, 2018 App Interview
Intervening Evie’s Nana

We talked about Nanas childhood and about her family. We talked about what she would change if she could be a child again.

Interview 1 with my roommate and best friend rachel

Rachel and I spoke about our values, our proudest moments, and what we find to be the most important things in our lives today.

Elijah Belk(13) and Jason Belk(43)

Me and my dad were talking about some of the things that have sharpens him. We also talk about things that made him proud.