Shaine’s life

This interview was about Shaine’s life like what she went through growing up and how she felt. This is also about memories she had.

Eli & Ross
September 14, 2019 App Interview

Eli and Ross talk about their relationship and life.

A Mentally Abusive Relationship

A story about mental abuse in a relationship and how it doesn’t always start off terrible. It’s a slow burn of manipulation and moments.

Into the Mind of a Young Man, Phillip Cruz

Interviewing my boyfriend on his life growing up and events that shaped him into being a great person. What it was like living in Chicago’s suburbs. How childhood can shape a person.

My Wife and Our Relationship
August 25, 2019 App Interview

We are an odd couple and she is shy when asked questions on the spot!

Listening to Momma

I asked my mom several questions about my childhood. We discussed what is was like to mother me all the way to how she feels about me soon becoming a wife.

Childhood and relationships

Isaac is sixteen years old and had some good memories with friends that he is still in contact with to this day. He talks about his relationship and their growth.

Ben and Ellie

Ellie tells us a little about herself and her beliefs.

Father and Daughter

My father and I talked about the good and hard times that occurred in our life time. We also talked about what we hope for in the future.