The Merchant of Food

Interview with Harald Herrmann, CEO Second Harvest Food Bank Orange County. The story of a South African emigree who grew up in Anaheim to become one of the top restaurant executives in America and is now running Orange County’s largest...

Food craze!

My son Carl absolutely loves food and food combinations. I asked him a few questions to explore this topic.

You Are Only As Good As Your Last Croissant

Cooking is a form of art and so many people love making and eating food. On January 6th 2019 in Los Angeles California, Jack Beerman interviewed his grandmother Sarabeth Levine to learn about her early life as a pastry chef....

The Most Fantastic Meal: Steak in Coronado

Description of a meal at the restaurant Stake to celebrate a father’s 50th birthday.

June 23, 2018
An interview at Petaling Street

I’m interviewed Mr.Lee about his restaurant “Kim Lian Kee”” and the changed in Petaling Street.

Pan-Fried Friendship

As family comes closer, the stories we mention must be told to everyone. In this interview, held in Los Angeles, Cici Tsuo and Oliver España address their numerous moments together as well as Cici’s past, including her father, track coach,...

Bill French: A Tale of Twists and Turns

My Papa, Bill French, and I discuss his past and other interests we share.

People of the Rio Grande Valley Border Towns: Anonymous 10, ""They kind of saw me as a threat … because I was such a hardworking person."

This interview is private.

Food Studies Oral History Project

This interview is private.