Divided 2

Interviewing my dad for a decided theatre project.

Interview with Aunt Cindy: Words of Wisdom and Personal Growth

Cindy shares how her life experiences, both as an adult and child, and heritage have molded her perspective on life. She compares and contrasts her life in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and delves deeper into what it means to be...

Shalini Chandra on completely uprooting her life and starting a new one

Shalini Chandra, my mother, talks about her childhood and her journey in life as she moved to America to start a new life, and what she’s carried with her.

American Values

About how we establish our values and thoughts on the confederate flag.

The Important Things

I interview my girlfriend and get some unexpected answers.

Analee and I

Analee and I talked about many aspects of life over our 20 minute conversation.