A child in New York in the 70s

I interview my father, Lachlan Murdoch, about his childhood living in New York and Aspen. In the interview I find out more about newspaper making in that time(1:10-2:10) and about my dad’s experience going through high school in Aspen. Throughout...

A quarter to play
December 10, 2019 App Interview

How does an entrepreneurial kid make money from video games in the 80s? From Pac-Man to Galaga to Mario Bros, Camilo Echavarria tells his stories of playing video games in the 80s in an interview conducted by his son Gabe...

My Father’s Generation: The Vietnam War, College Debt, and Climate Change

My dad and I talked about the differences in our generations and what may have stemmed those differences. From the Anti-War Movement to the College Debt Crisis to Climate Change, everything has a connection to the past and these inflection...

Interview my mom

I took my mom to another room and did it

Interview with my single mother

My mom and I talked about her young life, her life philosophies, and dealing with tragedy and overcoming it.

Living with Spina Bifida: My Father’s Journey

Paul Vanasse shares his experiences living with Spina Bifida. Listen to find out how he overcame his hardships.