My grandfathers journey through the army

Avery Mendola interviews her grandfather when he talks about his past experience in the Army. Her grandfather joined the military when he was 18 and was in the Army for 28 years. He was deployed to the Vietnam War and...


Today I asked my coach if I could interview him for the different generations of wrestling. For example how is wrestling different from then to now.

"Integrity: Down to the very detail"

I interviewed Christine DeMordaunt (my mom) and she is always been a person I look up to and want to know more about her work experience and about her mom, whom I never got to meet. Christine shares life lessons...

Alexa and her Aunt Fran talk about what it takes to run a marathon in all fifty states and seven continents.

High school freshman, Alexa Hayden, interviews her aunt, Fran Macavinta, on December 29th, 2019, at Alexa’s home in Solebury, Pennsylvania. Fran Macavinta was born in 1965 and began running at 39 years old in 2004. She embarked on her running...


A English project with Erik and Anthony R

The great Thanksgiving listen

I interviewed my dad and he told me about his life. And he discussed what he was proud of and his accomplishments.

Final interview

Me and my mom talked about a lot of different things. We talked about her job, her mom, me as a kid, and what it was like when she was a kid.

An Interview With my Grandmother

A quick interview with my grandmother about her life.