Aditya talks to Madhavi about her viewpoints on life and her upbringing transitioning in to the United States.

In this interview, conducted in 2019, Madhavi talked to Aditya about her childhood and upbringing in India. Madhavi talked about growing up with three sisters in a catholic school, emphasizing the cultural and general differences from the upbringing of an...

The Cuban roots

We talked a little about how her life in cuba was. We also talked about how she got here to the US and what difficulties she faced. Was it a easy journey?

Interview with Mom 1

We talked about the life stories, family, disappointments and regrets we have been through.


Me and my aunt talking about what’s important in the spirit of thanksgiving

2019 Nov. – Karissa Martin – Joy Weaver – Grandma – The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019

As her granddaughter, I asked my Grandma some questions about her life growing up, marrying my Grandpa and things about her religion.