Sandy Frost and Taffy Solcher

Sandy Frost (52) talks with her mother Taffy Solcher (79) and asks about Taffy’s unique childhood, growing up as the daughter of a man in the oil business which meant growing up all over the world, in places like Columbia,...

Making history with story corps.

During the interview, we spoke a lot about recent experiences and how they shaped the interviewee to be who he is today.

Interview with James Himan

I interviewed my dad about many personal things like his childhood, friends and family.

Isabella’s & Brittany’s Interview

Brittany answers some 10 questions about her childhood, family, memories and a few personal questions.

Interview with my Boyfriend
November 6, 2019 App Interview

I interviewed my boyfriend to learn more about what his life was like before we met.

Interviewing Dad

In this interview, I got to ask my dad many questions I was curious about and receive some pleasant answers. I was even surprised by some of the things he answered, but I enjoyed every moment of the interview.