Dad and I

We just had a one on one about my childhood. It was all good times with challenges along the way.

world history

I interviewed my boyfriend about a hardship he had to go through during his childhood.

My Dads Life Growing Up

My dads life as a kid was different than most kids these days. There was hardly any technology which made for many fun times with friends.

interview with brooke

Brooke and I talking about some areas of brookes life and some of her memories.

From Foster Child to Parent: The Childhood of Mandy Lehman.

Mandy Lehman, a mother with mitochondrial disease, describes her childhood and what it was like growing up with an abusive family and the foster care system.

Learning not to take life for granted

An aunt and a nephew talking about how their life experiences taught them not to take anything for granted.

Dad growing up

Initial discussion with dad about growing up and meeting mom

Interviewed my brother

Asked him questions about his childhood Since I wasn’t raised with him

Growing Up and The Future

In my interview, I asked my mom what her childhood was like and what her experience with schooling was like. I also asked her about her past jobs and if they influenced her today.