Interview with Gill (mom)

Mom & I spoke about finding our dreams, loving our people unconditionally, being kind and falling in love.

2020 Family Member Interview with Mom

We discussed my early childhood, her parenting decisions (to work part-time to spend more time with her kids), and her past dreams about how her life was going to go. She also shared her hopes for me and my future...

The Life Of Natalia Osver

I am Gleb Osver and today on January 17th 2020 I am interviewing my mom Natalia Osver. Natalia Osver was born on January 20th, 1978 in a small town in Russia. Her life wasn’t impossibly hard but it wasn’t easy....

“Living the dream” an interview with Roger Mayer

Roger talked about his life including his family and experiences. He talked about his wife and their goals in life and how proud he is of his family.

Laurie Feldman and Dan Franden

Spouses Dan Franden (61) and Laurie Feldman (64) discuss how feminism, raising sons and retirement has impacted their lives and marriage.

Michael’s story

We talked about Michael’s important memories and the lessons and wisdom he has gained from those. We also talked about the influential people in his lives and how they helped shaped who he is today.

The different life

The life my father has had is very different than ours (my sisters and I) but no matter How hard it’s been or was he doesn’t regret anything.

Noah Keane: Following Dreams

Following your dreams with Noah Keane.

Life’s Impact on Me

Vannest Talked about how his life is the opposite of what he expected it to be but he’s grateful of what it has become. His life revolves around God and his family , And with that he is content with...

Jacob Murray 12-9-2019 Age: 20

I interviewed my mom about her life growing up and her hopes and goals for me and her children