Me & B

I interviewed my cousin, he’s always been someone I’ve looked up too and has had a cool past due to his success in sports, we really just caught up and talked a little about his home life and his past...

Oral History Project

I ask a few questions & she answered them about he family & past.

The Zizzis are the Partiers

I talk with my mother about various members of her family that I have never met or don’t know much about, like her strong willed yet sweet Italian grandmother, dangerously forgetful grandfather, high profile and highly passionate aunt, and more....

Insight on Mac Kizy

This interview revolved around Mac and his family life. We also went into depth on how family and friends have affected his college experience overall.

Learning from my Mother

In this interview, I asked my mother a series of questions about herself. A recurring theme in this interview is exploring the importance and impact of family.

December 6, 2019 App Interview

I interviewed my Nana about her childhood and asked her about what she’s learned throughout her life.