Theatre Project

The story of Jason and parts of his life were talked about. Questions about his life and details of his favorite parts were told.

Interview with the Irish.

Here I interview my dad about his childhood and what is was like growing up in Europe. He describes living with 10 other siblings and the values his family shared. He then talks about the opportunities that allowed him to...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Journalism Project: December 10th, 2019. Me interviewing my mom about her childhood and her life.

Attitude of Gratitude Khalaf

We talked about Juliet’s life and what she is thankful for. We also talked about people who impacted her and things that she likes.

Interview with my mom

Talked about family mostly and how im pre gay

Grandpa’s Journey

My grandpa grew up in England and moved to America and someone he admires is his wife Esther. He made a long journey throughout his life and one thing he kept as reminder was to be happy.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Project with Barbara Dierkes

Barbara grew up in a small town in Ohio. In the interview, we talked about her childhood, and about what her parents were like. We also talked about what my mother was like growing up.

Melissa Zeneri talks about her favorite memories.

This interview was recorded in Massillon, Ohio on November 29th, 2019. Melissa Zeneri describes her favorite memories of childhood, to adult hood.

The Great Listen 2019: Interview of Jim and Cathy Otto

This is an interview of my Grandparents in Newark, Ohio. I have learned so much from this talk about them and more.