Interview With Arturo Juarez: The Revolving Door Of The Southern Border

I, Elizabeth Juarez (29), interviewed my dad, Arturo (51), about growing up in Central Mexico and crossing the border to the United States in 1989, 1991, and to this day. We talked about what motivated him to emigrate and risk...

My cousin Vinny

My cousin vinny told me a story about two youths?

Thanksgiving Interview with mom

We talked about all the things that made my mom the strong woman who she is today.

Music through a lifetime

Music has always been a part of my fathers life. That’s why I asked him to share some of his favorite memories and experiences with music.

Grandma and Grandpa Elbert 11/25/20

Joe and Marie Elbert, my grandparents, built their own house and share memories of Grandpa’s childhood in rural Iowa.

Uncle Bill interview

This is an interview with my husbands uncle, Bill. He is one of my favorite family members.

A little bit about Mimi.

I call my grandmother Sylvia, Mimi. We discussed a little bit about her life and who she is.