Mish and Esti discuss local food

Mish and Esti talk about food systems status quo and ways to improve it

Dominick and Mackenzie discuss local food

Mackenzie and Dominick discuss local food from a past perspective growing up in different areas of the U.S. and how the local food experience has changed since coming to college in Ann Arbor, MI.

Liz and Kim discuss local food

CSA’s that didn’t go according to plan and the benefits of the local food system beyond that of the actual food.

Professor Princen and Daicy discuss local food

Discussing personal view and a scholar perspective on local food

Mayur Bandekar and Sanika Chitre discuss local food

Today we talked about local food and how Mayur’s relationship with local food has been influenced by family as well as changed over the years.

Milan and Roksolana discuss local food

Milan talks about his experiences and perspectives of local food. He references his immigrant background, which has shaped his and his family’s interactions with local food across time and culture.

Juliana and Victoria discuss local food

Juliana and Victoria discuss local food in the community Juliana grew up in, traditions that were passed down in her family, and how her views of local food consumption have been changed while at the University of Michigan.

A Discussion with Michael on Food

Michael and I have a nice conversation on food, local food, and consuming habits