My Grandpa’s Life

The start of the interview of my grabdpa’s life: Love

High School Sweethearts

An interview with my big brother and sister in law about their story of being high school sweethearts and how they fell in love. From their first date, being away from each other in college and telling each other what...

JHS Public Speaking 2019

Ben Blanchard (18) interviews grandfather Walter Yrle (82) on his past memories, stories, regrets and learns more about finding happiness in family life.

Ajani Young interviews his grandfather Steve A. Gresham about his life and what he has learned during it.

Ajani Young, a junior at Egg Harbor Township High School, interviews his grandfather Steve A. Gresham. Steve highlights what he sees as important things in his life. This list includes morals taught to him by his parents, growing up with...

Interview with mom

In this interview I ask my mom questions about her life growing up going through highschool and what it was like to be biracial and grow up in a single parent house hold

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Thomas and Grandma

We talked about where my grandma grew up in Vietnam and how she met my grandpa later in America.