Mom Remembers

Judy Sonny remembers personal early family history with her son, Mark.

A Neice and Her Uncle Over Zoom

Lexi Tendorf asks her uncle who isn’t related to her questions about his life.

“When one door closes, another opens…" (Alexander Graham Bell). My Grandma never looked regretfully upon the closed door.

Clay Campbell (31) talks with his grandmother, Charmian Waggaman (89) about her life growing up in DC in the 1940s, meeting the love of her life Thomas Waggaman, raising three kids, and sharing loving words to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Auntie-Grandma Jewel (sibling #7)

In the midst of the pandemic my family has been blessed with new life. I spoke with my Aunt Jewel about the experience of becoming a great-grandma during the outbreak. I thought I knew my aunt pretty well but this...

Interviewing my Mother

Interviewed my mother about Family Heritage, our grandparents, growing up and school, Love, working, and Religion. I also interviewed her about many other things!