The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019
December 5, 2019 App Interview

We talked about parenting and what my mom’s life was like and what she learned from it.

Interview with Leslie Berenfeld

I had an interview with my lovely mother on October 7, 2018. We discussed what it is like to be a parent, her favorite memories of me, and more. We discussed snippets of her childhood and other parts of her...

Mom’s Story 2

My mom and I discuss the incident that happened in her childhood that shaped her life and parenting forever

Childhood to Parenthood

Steve answers questions about his childhood, everything from early family memories to his high school prom. He talks about meeting my mom and their journey to getting married 4 months after meeting one another. Steve finishes the interview with memories...

Ming Triulzi talks to her mother Peggy Jane Triulzi about her experiences as a parent

My name is Ming Triulzi, I was born in Fuling China and I was adopted when I was 7 1/2 months old. This interview was recorded in the Triulzi home on January 7 of 2018 in Felton California. Ming Triulzi,...

Interview w/ Shauna Williams

We talked mainly about being a parent, or moreso her children. She has a daughter that just recently left home and has had no communication with her since.

#Grandmother who never gave up!

This interview was conducted by myself Jessica Clarke, on November 2nd 2017 in Davenport,Fl. I interviewed my grandmother Cynthia Clarke about her life and what difficulties she had overcame.She shared her story about her child hood back ground being in...