Adrienne’s interview

I asked adrienne 6 questions from things about her life. Things like love, family, religion, and regrets & got her lovely insight.

Getting to Know My Mother

This was for a school project that was supposed to take place on Thanksgiving, however I got sick and lost my voice so I was not able to record this until today.

Interview #1

Jean Koenig is a close family friend that I interviewed. I interviewed her about her childhood, her opinions, and her life.

Beliefs of Siena

My roommate Siena and I discussed why she is the way she is today and her views on religion as well as God.

Who is Troy Adams? (Interview)

This interview is about the life of Troy Adams. In the interview he expresses his views on God, his life growing up, his interest and passions, and what he envisions his future to be like.


Thanksgiving interview with my mom.

Me and My Dad

A lot was that was talked about was life things. Those things including religion and the future

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019 with Kitty Part 1

In this interview, Kitty talks about how she wants to be remembered, as someone who loves God, and talks about her life, heavily influenced by religion. She discusses her career and love life, and then she says she wouldn’t change...