Jacob Johnson interviews Miles Lerner.

I interview Miles for a school project and ask him 9 questions about life

Audio assignment

In this interview i recorded my bestfriend answering 8 personal questions about her life.

Stephanie Hoffman and Alishia Parkhill ~ 48 years as Best Friends growing up in Texas and now pushing through a pandemic

Stephanie Hoffman (48) talks with Alishia Parkhill (48) as they reminisce and laugh through the Sign O' the times as we end 2020. It's nice to reflect on good times and learnings earned by truly knowing each other. This comes...


An interview with a great friend

Interviewing my best friend Kayla McCuen

This was an interview assignment for an English class at the University of Detroit Mercy. In this interview we talked about everything from the future, to past memories, to our friendship.

College Friends

This is a conversation with three college best friends. We discuss our friendship as well as who we are professionally and personally.