Made to be true to yourself

Mary talks with members of the Colorado Episcopal Service Corps about life lessons she has learned and the role religion and community has played in her life

Cheverus High School Stag Stories: Roman Pavlik

John Kerry, a member of the Cheverus Class of 1992, is interviewed by Tyson Matthews on his early life moving around the world, settling at Cheverus for a unique experience, and finding the career that fits him: real estate.

Amanda Stone, Natalie [No name given], and Tanya Smith-Sreen

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Amanda Stone (30), Natalie [No name given] (33) and Tanya Smith-Sreen (25) share about their Peace Corps Guatemala experience. They talk about some of the challenges they faced as Peace Corps Volunteers as well as what...

Jinny Savolainen and Gillian Cook

Jinny Savolainen: 2020-05-22 14:52:36 Jinny and Gill talk about small town life in pandemic times. "I have the best community in the history of mankind. I'm so thankful. "

Jinny Savolainen and Nan Niederlander

Jinny Savolainen: 2020-05-21 21:30:04 and Nan Niederlander talk about life during the pandemic in Leverett. "The virus has made us all stop, and that is good. We were on a destructive path."

Annie Davis and Kevin Shen

Annie Davis: 2020-05-20 21:24:32 Annie Davis (14) and her middle school classmate Kevin Shen (13) discuss childhood memories, the impact of a strong community, and thoughts on their educational experience.

Cheverus High School Stag Stories: John Kerry

John Kerry of John Kerry Energy Solutions is interviewed by Tyson Matthews about his childhood in Saco, Maine, his formative experiences at Cheverus High School, and his lessons learned from his parents, teachers, and colleagues.

Jinny Savolainen and Julie Lapping Rivera, friends and neighbors. "We need to be present and grateful for all we have."

Jinny Savolainen: 2020-05-19 14:46:58 Jinny Savolainen 59 yrs old, and Julie Lapping Rivera, 64 yrs old, discuss the impact of the pandemic individually and as a community.