Courtney Evans and Cyntell Allen

Sisters Cyntell Allen (38) and Courtney Evans (29) remember their childhoods together, reflect on what changes they'd like to see in their community, and share what they are most excited about. They also speak directly to some of the most...

Charlotte May and Nancy Gibbs

Nancy Gibbs (64) and her daughter Charlotte May (29) reflect on their individual and shared memories at Chautauqua Institution as Charlotte looks forward to having her wedding there in a few months.

Veronica Fischmann and Jenni Lippold

One Small Step conversation partners Veronica (36) and Jenni (42) have a conversation about their backgrounds growing up and living in different places, their experiences living abroad in Italy, and their views on having diverse communities and perspectives in their...

Crystal DeBerry, Kristy Smith, and Torey DeBerry

Crystal DeBerry (40) talked with her board members Kristy Smith (45) and Torey DeBerry (43) about the creation of Indomitable Families Affected by Incarceration (IFAM). They discuss why they started and continue this work.

Christina Thomason and Angelia Smith

Best friends for over 30 years Christy Thomason (42) and Angelia "Angie" Smith (42) discuss what they have learned from their friendship and Angie's role as an advocate for her community in Mobile, Alabama.

Joshua Liston and Symphony Swan

Joshua Liston (33) interviews his wife, Symphony Swan (34), about her life and her use of art and activism as means to archive Black culture and memories through the Black Family Archive Project and Cr8tv House.