Fred Henderson

Fred (almost 97, still serves as a greeter at church every Sunday) shares memories of Atlanta/Chamblee area, WW II in the Navy, farming, family, church, and owning an independent business.

Interview Frances Thorne Ayoub
March 13, 2022 App Interview

Oldest daughter asks her mother about her Alabama roots, marrying a Lebanese, converting to Orthodox Christianity, knitting, cooking Whole Foods, reading and grandchildren.


Jenny Madox talks about her experience as a child going through her parents divorce and all that came with it.

Gigi Core

we talked about where she grew up and when she met my dada

Interview with Grandma

This interview is about my grandma and her Experiences in Haiti. What she did for work, and how she did it. Where she lived, and what her social class was, and if she have fun with there in Haiti. This...

Project for history – Ray and Camp

Camp is a 47 year old banker who works for colonial trust company. He has 3 kids, Camp jr, Asher and Ray. He talks about thing of life, how he was younger and where he works and how he likes...

Nonie’s childhood

Nonie tells you about her childhood and the life she lived when she was my age.