Julie McLeod and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Julie McLeod shares her life story growing up in Boston with strong Catholic faith, and how she came to Andover with a strong sense of wanting to help others. This led her to volunteer in...

Perspectives: Fred Bailey

Born Black and blind, proud American, state of Black people, not believing in racism, not using his blinds as an excuse, Not being called an "African American" , Black Economic Group.

Gina Wyckoff and Carol Maples

Friends Gina Wyckoff (60) and Carol Maples (64) share the highlights of their careers as educators, how they would like their students to remember them, and the advice they have for those entering the profession.

Open source maintainership with Emma Irwin

Emma Irwin explores a nuanced view of open source maintainership in today’s landscape, digging into what characteristics good maintainers cultivate, what role mentoring plays in maintainership, and how history influences who becomes a maintainer.

Amber Moody & Kelly Corcoran

Amber, a palliative care nurse, and Kelly, Chief Mission Officer are the boots-on-the-ground team for a tele-palliative care team in rural Stevens County, Washington. Without the remote capabilities of the team, many patients seeking palliative care would need to travel...

M Storm and Lauren T

Survivor M Storm (49) talks to her therapist, Lauren T (25), about what led her to Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS) and why she chooses joy. M gives advice to others who might be in domestic violent situations and talks...

Claudia Treacy and Alex Wu

Andover Stories of American Identity: Claudia Treacy discusses her multi-cultural life and traditions between living in Colombia and Venezuela and finally arriving in the U.S. amidst significant political changes in Venezuela. Claudia discusses how she assimilated to the American language...

Karen & Daniel Bogard

Rabbi's, Karen and Daniel, discuss what it's like to raise a transgendered child in this politically charged atmosphere where the trans community is demonized. They recognize their circumstance is different than most because their child is growing up in a...