APB- Interview with my brother, Eduardo Chavez

My brother talks about his current favorites and dislikes of his 4 year old life. He takes us on a journey of his mind.

Assessment part 2

This would be the same summary of my main interview, just had to make this one because I was running short on questions

Jolie Chen, Bao Zhu Wu & Patty Chen 11/27/21

Talked about my mom and grandma’s life in China where they grew up and the hardships that came with it.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2021

This is an interview between me and my mom. She is kind enough to share memories going from her early childhood all the way to the future with me and future listeners. Look out at the end when she doubts...

Hung Le’s life
November 28, 2021 App Interview

This interview is about Hung Le’s life

Interview with my grandpa

This is an interview with my grandpa about his life, family, and adventures.

Grandma Diane interview

It is an interview about my grandma, who is 82. She retells events in her life.

StoryCorps assignment

We talked about life lessons she has learned over the years, and family.

Sarah Abdelhay and her father, Abdelhay Abdelhay, talk about the impact 9/11 and coronavirus had on his life.

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2021, in Flushing Michigan, Sarah Abdelhay (15) interviews her father, Abdelhay Abdelhay (57), about the experiences he faced during major historic events throughout his life. Abdelhay shares how he grew up in a...