Let’s talk about Mom!

19-year-old Madison Miller interviews mother about life, family, and fun memories!

How Our Lives Changed During Covid

Annabelle, Greta, and Nadya talk about how their lives have changed during the pandemic

nigeria giant of Africa

Nigeria is often referred to as the “Giant of Africa”, and with good reason. With a population of about 200 million it is the seventh most populous country in the world. It also has the third largest youth population. These...

9th Grade English (Devin Kaigler)

I interview my sister about what she likes and dislikes and what she is grateful for

Interview with Claudia Alfaro

We talk about how Claudia came to the US and how it was difficult to adjust to the culture and language. We also discussed her journey as a kid who lived in downtown Los Angeles. Also, what she does for...

Isaac Parsons and Jessie Chavez

We talked about the history of my mother's side of the family from the oldest and wisest living member of the family.