Dan’s tips for success!

Reed and Dan Cruikshank talk about Dan’s life story and how he has been successful through hard times

Annabelle Simhon – Interview with Marie-Laure Simhon

Annabelle Simhon (19) and Marie-Laure Simhon (52) discuss her life as a French-American immigrant as a child. Additionally, the interview delves into life choices and consequences throughout the years.

My Grandpa’s Path in Life – Making Decisions For Himself

My Grandpa Paige told me about some of his life. He enjoys golfing and has lived in many places throughout his life. He changed colleges and was with Campus Crusade for part of college and on staff later. Afterwards, he...

A cup of tea with G

I took a moment to sit down with my grandma and ask her about her life story. How was it liking growing up where she I lives, and much more.

Interviewing DJ

A short story about DJ’s life and a few quick, funny stories.

Future of Opportunity – Rod Sepand

**The Date Was January 20, 2020** Imagine If you had no supporters and nobody that believed in you.  To prove everyone wrong, you would have to work hard everyday to reach your goal of being successful. My Dad started from nothing...

JHS Public Speaking Interview

I will be asking Bertha Ballard, my grandmother about her life up to this point